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DIY Phone Speaker

I don't have a phone, I have a computer so I use headphones. But if you're at a party and need a speaker this is perfect! For this DIY you will need...
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Picture from Pinterest

  • A toilet paper cardboard tube
  • Washi tape ( optional, but it looks pretty )
  • Scissors
  • Two paper cups

First, cut a slit the size of your phone on the top of your toilet paper tube and a circle on the side of your paper cups. Now, cover your entire tube except for the slit. put your cups on the side of the tube. Put your phone inside and your done! I hope you try this DIY! Bye friends!!


  1. Cool! I have been finding and testing TONS of DIYS, (maybe 20) and maybe adding them to my blog. And this one came up a lot! I have not tried it, but it looks cool!


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