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5 Ways to Fix Hard Slime

Iv'e been experimenting on my slime to see which would soften it and make it stretchy. I found five AWESOME ways to fix it.

  1. This was the most effective way. First, cover the slime in water and microwave for about 10 seconds or less. Dump out the water and knead the slime. No matter how sticky DO NOT add activator. Just keep kneading until it's super soft and stretchy
  2. Add foaming soap. This makes it super super soft and a little stretchy.
  3. Add a little bit of water and knead it into your slime. Now add a little bit more at a time until it's soft. Don't add to much or it will get really sticky
  4. The simplest way is just to add lotion and it will get super super stretchy.
  5. Add liquid soap. This really surprised me but it works!!

I hope this post was helpful! Bye!!
It took SO long to get this pic right😂


  1. I put my slime in the microwave once, and it was soft for a little bit, then it turned extremely hard as a rock.

    1. Yeah, that happened once. IDK why but I think it's like the type of slime or something.


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