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DIY Smile Emoji Squishy

Well, it's not an oobleck stress ball but it looks SUPER satisfying. This craft is from the YouTube channel Nim C. and I will post her link to her channel at the end of this post. For this DIY you will need...

Memory foamScissorsYellow markersBlack markers

First, Cut any shape from the memory foam. Now, color the whole thing yellow. Now, with your black marker, draw a smiley face. And your done! I hope you liked this! Bye! And here's Nim's link!
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It's Just a Basic Slime, But the ingredients are Shocking

I LOVE slime ( you probably already know this ). But slime with NO activator?! I mean COME ON. The original creator of this slime actually did not put it on YouTube and I could not find her Instagram no matter how hard I looked! Wood Glue apparently has something in it that's different from the normal PVA glue. I guess that shaving gel can also work as an activator for this specific slime. This looks so fluffy and I actually touched my computer screen secretly hoping that I would be able to feel it haha. My dream for making fluffy slime went out the window because I want to make THIS!! I hope you liked this post! Bye!

Rainbow DIYs to Try

The unicorn frappucino must be getting to me, cause I be on a rainbow craze. I hope you like this post!

1. DIY Rainbow shoes. You can use the galaxy Sharpie shoes, but just do a rainbow pattern instead of galaxy.

2. Crayon art: Peel the wrappers off the crayons and glue the rainbow colors on a canvas. Take a hair dryer and blow it over the crayons and they will slowly start to melt down. 

3. Make some basic slime Tide slime in red, orange, yellow, and blah blah blah. Put them side by side in a container and leave it there for about an hour and it will have kinda mixed together.

4. Rainbow popsicle: Make it here!

It's Starts Out as normal EOS, but the final result is amazing!

Karina Garcia's Jelly EOS, inspired by the flower raindrop cake, is GORGEOUS. It's so jiggly and awesome and just plain AMAZING. If you want to learn how to do this just watch the video above and like it! She is also running a giveaway so if you want to be apart of that just subscribe to her channel. I hope you liked this post! Bye!

How to Make a Vest With a SHIRT

I made this at my tenth Birthday party and everyone loved it. It's super easy and you only need things that I hope you have... So, without further ado, to make this vest, you will need...

A long sleeved shirt Scissors

First, cut off the sleeves. Cut the front of the shirt right down the middle ( don't get the back! ). This is optional, but what I did was cut little lines to make the shirt look sort of frayed. I hope you liked this craft! Bye bye!