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DIY Floating Bookshelf

I personally don't need this considering all my books are face down laying on my bed. For this craft, you will need...

An ' L ' BracketA few books2 screws

First, screw the L bracket into the wall. Close the cover of one of your books over the L bracket. Stack the rest of your books on the first. And your done! Bye!
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She Makes A Basic Crunchy Slime, but Adds a Secret Crunch that Will Amaze You

Have you ever wanted to make crunchy, fishbowl slime? Beads for that can be pricey, but Karina Garcia has a new way for adding a satisfying crunch to your slime. You probably have some plastic straws laying around your house which makes this A LOT easier. I hope you liked this! Bye!

Crafting Hacks

Hello! Today i'll be posting some DIY and crafting hacks. Here it is!😍

To fix hard slime just add a little bit of waterInstead of using glue to put glitter on something, use Mod PodgeUse Sharpies to draw on white ceramic mugsMake a fidget spinner with just paper and A SKATEBOARD?! Tutorial here

I hope you try these and you liked this post!! Bye!

5 Ways to Fix Hard Slime

Iv'e been experimenting on my slime to see which would soften it and make it stretchy. I found five AWESOME ways to fix it.

This was the most effective way. First, cover the slime in water and microwave for about 10 seconds or less. Dump out the water and knead the slime. No matter how sticky DO NOT add activator. Just keep kneading until it's super soft and stretchyAdd foaming soap. This makes it super super soft and a little stretchy.Add a little bit of water and knead it into your slime. Now add a little bit more at a time until it's soft. Don't add to much or it will get really stickyThe simplest way is just to add lotion and it will get super super stretchy.Add liquid soap. This really surprised me but it works!!

I hope this post was helpful! Bye!!

DIY Smile Emoji Squishy

Well, it's not an oobleck stress ball but it looks SUPER satisfying. This craft is from the YouTube channel Nim C. and I will post her link to her channel at the end of this post. For this DIY you will need...

Memory foamScissorsYellow markersBlack markers

First, Cut any shape from the memory foam. Now, color the whole thing yellow. Now, with your black marker, draw a smiley face. And your done! I hope you liked this! Bye! And here's Nim's link!

It's Just a Basic Slime, But the Ingredients are Shocking

I LOVE slime ( you probably already know this ). But slime with NO activator?! I mean COME ON. The original creator of this slime actually did not put it on YouTube and I could not find her Instagram no matter how hard I looked! Wood Glue apparently has something in it that's different from the normal PVA glue. I guess that shaving gel can also work as an activator for this specific slime. This looks so fluffy and I actually touched my computer screen secretly hoping that I would be able to feel it haha. My dream for making fluffy slime went out the window because I want to make THIS!! I hope you liked this post! Bye!