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Top 3 Slime Youtubers

Slime has officially taken over the internet. It's even making the CATS jealous! Today i'll be posting my 3 favorite SlimeTubers ( can we just say, I made that up on the SPOT!? ). So, here they are!

Karina Garcia: She is probably the most popular SlimeTuber out there. Here's a link!andreaxandrea: She has another channel for her slime shop but this one is my favorite. link!Talisa Tosell: She deserves WAY more subscribers! link!

I hope you liked this post! Bye friends!!!
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Best Slimes Ever

I mean, they're all great but there are a few that stand out😉 So here are my 4 favorite slimes!

Fluffy Slime: One of the most popular! Learn howto make it here!Jiggly Slime: And for a better combo, jiggly fluffy slime! Haha. Tutorial hereFloam: This one you can actually buy but I think making it is more fun😊 Tutorial hereGlossy slime: I just wanna go look at it for an hour bye😹 Tutorial here! ( Number 9 on the list )

Which slime is your favorite? Bye!

DIY Eraser

So, I haven't done a back to school post yet so I thought i'd start today and post a DIY Eraser!! To make a DIY eraser, you will need...

Tools to shape ( optional )Eraser 

Knead the clay to warm it up and put it in the shape you want. So that's it! Wow, that was short. I hope you liked this post!! Bye bye!!

DIY Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are AWESOME but the ones that I see on Amazon are usually super super expensive. But today i'll be showing you a DIY lava lamp with things you probably have at home! For this DIY, you will need...

OilAn empty water bottleWaterLiquid food coloringAlka-seltzer tablets

First, fill the water bottle 3/4 full with oil. Now add some water. It doesn't really matter how much as long as you don't add more than the oil. Now add as many drops as food coloring as you want. Crush up your Alka-Seltzer tablets and pour into the bottle. And your done! I hope you liked this post! Bye!!

DIY Floating Bookshelf

I personally don't need this considering all my books are face down laying on my bed. For this craft, you will need...

An ' L ' BracketA few books2 screws

First, screw the L bracket into the wall. Close the cover of one of your books over the L bracket. Stack the rest of your books on the first. And your done! Bye!

She Makes A Basic Crunchy Slime, but Adds a Secret Crunch that Will Amaze You

Have you ever wanted to make crunchy, fishbowl slime? Beads for that can be pricey, but Karina Garcia has a new way for adding a satisfying crunch to your slime. You probably have some plastic straws laying around your house which makes this A LOT easier. I hope you liked this! Bye!